KTR demands Sonia to say sorry to Telangana people


KTRHyderabad: K Taraka Rama Rao (KTR), the son of KCR, on Wednesday demanded Sonia Gandhi to say sorry to the people of Telangana owning responsibility for the suicides of more than 1200 students in the region.

KTR said that it was due to the irresponsible and opportunistic politics of Congress Party only, so many students turned to be the martyrs by committing suicide for the sake of Telangana statehood.

Further, he said that it was then when Congress Party had no other option, just to gain votes in the general elections, the Congress Party has carved Telangana. He dared Ponnala as well, and said that Ponnala should get special sop for Telanaga state apart from getting an ordinance to change the design of Polavaram project from Sonia Gandhi.

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