KTR Faces Backlash! For What?


Political Parties supply alcohol, biryani and even cash to mobilize people for public meetings. This isn’t something that has happened for the first time or last time. What makes it a point to discuss is the backlash faced by dynamic leader KTR a day after Pragathi Nivedhana Sabha.

IT Minister shared the pictures of party volunteers cleaning the public meeting venue on Monday. Within no time, Videos of partymen supply alcohol on the way to the meeting surfaced online. Even pictures of empty liquor bottles thrown on the road went viral.

A Twitter User tagged KTR and commented: ‘Please include this in your checklist. I know your party is so used to getting slapped by courts but i can not get a court order for this. I hope you understand’.

Although many videos showing men and women drinking alcohol on the way to the event went viral, Authenticity can’t be independently verified. Certainly, This situation would have embarrassed KTR who never gave any scope for criticism.