KTR furious over Twitter comments


KTR-twitter-commentsHyderabad: Just a couple of days after minister K.T Rama Rao joined the club of one million followers on Twitter, he asked people to unfollow if they have a problem with him watching a movie or changing his profile picture.

Mr Rao is amongst the handful of politicians who actively reach out to people on social media platforms. Over the weekends, he tends to tweet more often and shares details of his personal life as well.

On Saturday, he watched a recent Telugu flick “Tholi Prema” and took to Twitter to appreciate the crew of the film. There are downsides of sharing personal experiences on a microblogging site especially considering the reach it has. Some users either asked the minister to “Watch the bad conditions of roads and not movies” or were comparing him to a movie critic.

Subsequently, on Sunday, the minister changed his display picture which again received some deplorable comments like “Have you ever felt pity on yourself for changing DP 3-4 times a week. Poor kid have some work (sic)”.

It however did not go well with the Mr Rao who took the micro blogging site by storm. While he didn’t particularly name anybody, he wrote, “To those people who seem to have a problem with me watching a movie or changing my DP!!! Get a life guys; while I may be in public life, I am also entitled to my likes and dislikes. If you don’t like it, feel free to unfollow me(sic).”