KTR requests Sushma Swaraj to post Telugus in Gulf embassies


KTR-request-to-sushma-swaraHyderabad: Minister K.T. Rama Rao requested external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj to post at least four Telugu-speaking officers in every embassy in the seven Gulf countries. If needed, the state government could send officers on special duty.

Speaking after meeting Ms Swaraj, Mr Rao said, “Land will be allocated for the Videsh Bhavan that is proposed to be built in Hyderabad. Ms Swaraj will be coming to lay the foundation stone.”

Apart from proposing changes to existing policies, Mr Rao said, “Some crucial decisions have been made, which is welcomed by the TS government. One of these is to take action against any person who returns to a country and gets stuck twice, from where he/she was originally rescued by the Centre or state governments. Passports of such persons may be cancelled for five years.”

The state government also sought assistance from the Centre for people stuck abroad and their legal and health issues.

Ms Swaraj praised the state for being in the forefront in passport verification and in transporting immigrants back home.

Mr Rao said, “Telan-gana is the first state where the digital verification programme e-sanad was started.  We informed the minister that we will be the forefront in executing the programme.”