KVP fires on Chandrababu


KVP-fires-on-babu-on-polavaAMARAVATI: At the same time, the Congress party led by the Opposition Congress has completed its campaign to end the spirit of the party. Congress leaders who arrived at Polavaram on a pedestrian trip from Pattisamma held a massive rally at Bhanu Theater in Polavaram village. Subsequently, the Polavaram project went to the construction site and explored the diaphragm construction sites along with the Spillway Construction Area. At the end of the meeting, MP KVP Ramachandra Rao made a challenge .  Congress leaders say that the mouthpiece of the TDP leaders is shut down.

The pavilion was completed on the 7th of this month in Dhawaleshwar, east Godavari district, and reached Polavaram on Wednesday. The President of the NK Raghuvir Reddy said in a massacre conducted from morning to afternoon in the morning from the afternoon, the Aradhya Temple of Andhras said that the Polavaram project undertaken by the Congress party would be completed as soon as possible. People from all walks of the country want the Polavaram project to be completed soon, “he said.

The TDP was criticized by the TDP before the construction of the project and the questioning of the Godavari water can be moved to Krishna delta if the canals are not dug off, Raghuveera reddy questioned. Chief Minister Chandrababu, who is launching the missions, has decided to stop working for such work and take care of the structure. Polavaram expatriates will fight for their right till justice is done. Raghuveera demanded that the entire budget be allocated in the Union budget to be completed by February 2018. Sonia Gandhi-Rahul Gandhi will put pressure on the central government in the Lok Sabha to achieve this goal-as well as in the Rajya Sabha, KVP Ramachandra Rao will listen to the Andhra. The political idea was that they did not take a walk through the project, with the purpose of completing the project.

KVP Ramachandra Rao, Rajya Sabha member, said, “Earlier on Wednesday, the late Chief Minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy had started the construction of several projects including Polavaram. If Rajasekhar Reddy is dead, the project of the Polavaram project will be completed. I do not believe in the allegations that the Telugu Desam is doing to prevent the construction of the Polavaram project. The court had only filed a case against the Center for giving full compensation to the construction of the law. The allegation that they were trying to prevent the construction of the project was challenged by the Kavipi sensation that the two-and-half-year Rajya Sabha’s resignation would not be resumed in Andhra Pradesh.

Former minister Vasantha kumar said, “At present Godavari delta is concerned that the farmers are suffering from water and that the Godavari will be forced to build the pose. Former Union Minister Panabaka Lakshmi said that the attention of farmers to sell sand to the state government was not on the farmers. Congress leader Tulasi Reddy said that the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh has never been a polavaram project during the last nine years, but it is ridiculous that Chandrababu is now my dream of polavaram. The Polavaram project is that the Congress party is patented by the patent. Former Union Minister JD Seemal said central government governments have spent only Rs seven crore for constructing the project so that the government will pay for another 20 years to complete the construction. Former minister Surya Prakriti Reddy said that the people of the Telugu Desam Party had no public respect for their loyalty. Accusing him of winning the election.