Latecomer Pawan Kalyan cannot register new party with EC


EC-cannot-register-Jana-SenNew Delhi: Just when the hype is building up on Pawan Kalyan’s party, the Central Election Commission has put a reality check.

The Election Commission has received an application for registration of the Jana Sena Party with Pawan Kalyan as its president.

Speaking to a private channel, Election Commissioner HS Brahma said it is not possible to issue registration to a party, as it is a process that requires at least four months.

Brahma said that the party cannot get registration in such a short period of time. He has also made it clear that the party cannot even get a single symbol.

That means, all those wanting to contest on a Jana Sena party ticket, have to enter the fray as independents with each having their own symbol.

But a silver-lining has emerged for the Jana Sena in the dark cloud. An individual named Balaraju addressed a press meet in Hyderabad, saying that he has applied for registration of the Jana Sena party six months ago. His aim was to build the party with the slogan of ‘Samajika Telangana’.

Now, the option before Pawan Kalyan is to do what other parties like YSRCP and JSP of Kiran Kumar Reddy have done: Buy the party and symbol from some other person.