Who is Leading Jagan Towards Being a Master of Self-Goal?


YS Jagan600When you are down with failures, you tend to do mistakes. Sometimes the mistakes turn costly and will emerge as Self-Goals. This is the case of Jagan right now. The Opposition Leader is planning a Padayatra and has sought exemption from personal appearance in court.

CBI court has rejected the plea and within a couple of hours after the judgment, Jagan rushed to Ramoji Rao and had a 40 minutes closed-door meeting with the media baron. The party leaders say Jagan sought Ramoji’s blessings for his Padayatra. Ramoji is an equal enemy to Late YSR as Chandrababu Naidu.

YSR back then vowed to destroy Ramoji Rao’s business empire but could not. YSR coined the term Dramoji and Sakshi aired several defaming articles and cartoons on him. Jagan also continued the same until recently. Meeting Ramoji hours after the court judgment trigged speculations that Jagan is asking the media baron to broker peace with the Center.

On the other side, YSRCP mulling the boycott of the upcoming Assembly session. It is one place Jagan will get maximum exposure in media but he himself squandering it with yet another self-goal. Who is Leading Jagan Towards Being a Master of Self-Goal?