Leaked Video Exposes Truth About TDP’s Offer to Giddi Eshwari to Leave YSRCP


In a shocking video that exposed the shameless wheeling -dealing by the ruling TDP to lure YSRCP MLAs, shows Paderu MLA Giddi Eswari claiming that she was promised a post in the AP cabinet or its equivalent if she joined the ruling TDP. She is also seen saying: “I am joining the TDP to get our works done. I will become a minister or ST corporation chairperson.”

A youth, who attended the closed-door meeting that Giddi Eswari had with her followers, had shot the proceedings and forwarded it to Sakshi. In the video clip, the party workers are seen appealing to her not to leave the YSRCP. She is also heard asking followers to make sure that no was filming the meet. She told that she had decided to join the TDP as she was insulted in the party.

This is what Giddi Eswari said: “I am not joining the TDP because I like Chandrababu. I am not really interested to join the TDP. But, I have differences (with YSRCP) and hence I am joining. I have been promised a cabinet post if there is another expansion. If not, I will be made ST Corporation chairperson. I will have all the powers that a minister normally have.”

‘TDP Will Do Everything To Trap Big Gun’

Meanwhile, Minister Achen Naidu has openly said that the TDP was trying to get a ”big figure” from the Opposition into the TDP. Talking to mediapersons at the APAssembly, he said: We are involved in talks with a YSRCP big gun. We are trying every means to lure him. If that works out, our objective would be achieved. When that happens, the YSRCP will be left with just a couple of MLAs.