Live Updates: Revanth Reddy Bail Plea Hearing Today



03:35 pm

The court granted conditional interim Bail to Revanth Reddy today.

01:10 pm:

The court’s verdict in the Revanth Reddy case is likely to be declared in the afternoon (after 2:30 pm today). The arguments are completed at 1:00 pm.

11:25 am

ACB stated that it has no objection if the court grants Interim Bail (from today to tomorrow evening) to Revanth Reddy. The ACB officials also requested the court, not to allow the TDP MLA meet others during the period.

11:20 am:

Revanth Reddy’s lawyers requested the court to grant an interim Bail to TDP MLA.

11:15 am

Telangana ACB filed a counter petition in the court today related to the Revanth reddy’s cash for vote case. The ACB requested the court to reject the TDP MLA’s Bail plea.

09:15 am Revanth Reddy Bail Plea Hearing
ACB special court Judge postponed the hearing of TDP MLA Revanth Reddy’s bail petition to Wednesday (June 10th). TDP firebrand leader A Revanth Reddy was ‘caught’ in an attempt to offer Rs 50 lakhs as part of a Rs 5 cr deal to Elvis Stephenson to make him vote for TDP.

Total family of revanth is said to be in deep depression as his daughter Naimisha engagement is very near. This 11th, Revanth’s only daughter, Nymisha Reddy, will get engaged to her fiance and Revanth busied himself in engagement preparations.

Now  fans of Revanth Reddy praying for bail as it will give some relief to him. Revanth Reddy married Geetha, the daughter of former central minister Jaipal Reddy’s brother. Revanth was just 23 years old when he got married. Naimisha is going to marry an Andhra guy and he hails from political family.

According to media reports a seven year jail term is minimum award of punishment to Revanth Reddy in case the charges are proved.