Lokesh Cycle Yatra from 16th


Lokeshs-Cycle-Yatra1The youth icon of TDP Nara Lokesh will start his Cycle Yatra from Hindupur in Ananthapur on February 16th and will conclude it at his father Chandrababus constituency Kuppam in Chittoor district. He is likely to continue it further in second phase until the last day of elections campaigning.

Earlier, his father Chandrababu Naidu has boosted the party spirits with his Vasthunna Mee Kosam pada yatra. Now, Nara Lokesh is planning to attract youth into TDP with his cycle yatra. He will also explain the people about the large difference between Congress and TDP ruling in the state to convince the youth vote for TDP.

TDP is making elaborate arrangements for his cycle yatra. Soon after Parliament sessions are concluded, TDP may start announcing the names of its candidates for Assembly and Lok Sabha constituencies. Once, the candidates names are announced, then entire party cadre will get into elections mood. Lokesh physical presence among the party cadre may be very helpful to the party and its candidates.