MIM’s Majid Hussain to resign as Hyderabad mayor on Monday


Mayor-Mohd-Majid-HussainHyderabad: Asaduddin Owaisi, the President of MIM Party on Thursday said that Mohd Majid Hussain will quit as Hyderabad Mayor on Monday. It is worth mentioning here that the relationship between the Congress and MIM parties has not been harmonious for quite sometime.

Botsa Satyanarayana, the PCC Chief has been striving rigid to maintain an affinity with MIM. Nevertheless, all his efforts turned to be fruitless. In actuality, Majid will be quitting the mayor post based only on the existing pact between the two parties. However, the denial of MIM party to accept even the deputy mayor post gives way to many speculations. In view of the above, it now appears that all is set ready for MIM party to break up the relationship with Congress Party.

It is learnt that MIM has been moving pawns to establish a strong position in Telangana after the state bifurcation. Both TRS and Congress Parties have been willing to join hands with MIM. The relationship between Congress and MIM got spoiled after Kiran Kumar Reddy had taken over as the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. There was even a land dispute that hollowed out a big ditch between the two parties. Now, there is a chance that MIM may join hands with both TRS and CPI to contest the impending elections. It is evident that KTR has called on MIM president on Wednesday reportedly to discuss the very issue.

MIM now focuses on the matter of establishing its stamp in newly formed Telangana state by winning more number of seats and thereby gaining a reputed position in the governance.