Minister urges Seemandhra people to maintain restraint


Sudarshan-Reddy-ministerP. Sudarshan Reddy says ‘T’ without Hyderabad will be of no meaning Minister for Major Irrigation P. Sudarshan Reddy has strongly condemned the alleged attacks on employees from Telangana region in Seemandhra and appealed to the people to maintain restraint at this crucial juncture.

Seeking to dispel “misgivings” on sharing of water, electricity and safety of Seemandhra employees in Hyderabad, he said they need not be afraid of these issues as there were governments and well-laid down rules and Acts to deal with them.

The Government of India and also the Central Water Commission would take care of distribution of waters between the two States, he said.

At a press conference here on Friday the Minister said that after the bifurcation, both the States could develop on a big scale and industrialists and businessmen from any region would be given a red carpet welcome.There would no harassment or discrimination against them.

Telling an anecdote Mr. Sudarshan Reddy said that siblings in a family would develop independently after the division as competitive atmosphere would prevail. “I hope the Bill on Telangana would come up before Parliament in its next session. Therefore, I would like to make an earnest appeal to the Seemandhra leaders and people to extend cooperation for the division of the State,” he said.

Ruling out the possibility of making Hyderabad a Union Territory, he said Telangana without Hyderabad would be of no meaning. It would be like a torso without head, he said making a point that Telangana developed on its own and nobody had right to claim that they developed it.

Government Whip E. Anil said that scores of Seemandhra people in Telangana districts were living a happy life and they had no insecurity feelings. “Over 1,000 of our children sacrificed life for Telangana and when it is being delivered Seemandhra are leaders raising objections. This is not correct on their part,” he said.