Motkupalli sensational Outburst on Chandrababu, Revanth and TDP


TTDP leader Motkupalli Narasimhulu has come out with a sensational outburst on Chandrababu, Revanth Reddy & TDP. Deprived over Chandrababu’s meeting with TTDP leaders yesterday without intimating him, Motkupalli reminded Chandrababu that he was with TDP during the bifurcation hardships.

He said those, who Chandrababu believed in, have left the party and are enjoying power being ministers. Getting disheartened over Chandrababu’s ignoring him, Motkupalli said he has sacrificed his life for the party. Justifying his earlier statement, Motkupalli said TDP’s merger with TRS will boost up cadre members confidence, who were distorted by Revanth Reddy.