Mudragada’s Fresh Demands


Mudragada Padmanabham placed fresh demands before the TDP Government regarding Kapu Reservations.

1) Taking the population of Kapus into consideration, Reservations has to be increased to 10 percent, instead of 5 percent.

2) AP Government should withdraw the Bill sent to Union Government and place it in the State Assembly with necessary corrections. It must be implemented with Governor’s approval.

3) Kapus should be permitted to obtain BC Certificates from Tahsildar Offices.

4) 5 Percent of the 30,000 to 40,0000 Government Posts which will be filled soon must be offered to Kapus.

5) Kapu Reservations must be implemented during the ongoing Monsoon Session.

Mudragada told Chandrababu Naidu has been in CM Chair because of Kapus but they were let down. He promised to conduct a padayatra with 1 lakh people for Naidu if he does justice to his community. He also offered to felicitate Babu by holding a meeting with 10 lakh Kapus if reservations are implemented.