Murali Mohan invites Pawan to join TDP


murali-mohan-and-PawanHyderabad: Murali Mohan, a veteran Telugu actor and Telugu Desam Party leader, on Saturday invited Pawan Kalyan, the president of Jana Sena Party to join TDP He said Pawan Kalyan was a person having good qualities to serve the people without having any desire for posts. He said Kiran’s party was like dimpudu kallem (a place where last rites are performed) and congress party was like a ventilator. Finally he said voting for YSRCP was like handing over key to the robber.

It is evident that Murali Mohan earlier said that Telugu Desam Party may somewhat get affected with the political entry of Power Star Pawan Kalyan. Murali Mohan has already been getting into the political campaigning in his Rajahmundry constituency.

Murali Mohan has been visiting each single home to promote Telugu Desam Party within the Parliamentary constituency of Rajahmundry for his conquest.

It is evident that in the previous elections Murali Mohan has lost the seat by a mere whisker. The most probable reason for his loss in the preceding elections was the splitting up of votes between the Chiranjeevi led PRP candidate Krishnam Raju, another veteran actor of Tollywood and him. This time, it is Pawan who poses a threat to his victory. Also, the social community to which Pawan Kalyan belongs to is dominated in the said constituency. In view of all these, Murali Mohan have allegedly commented so.