Nandyal: Pre-poll Survey Telecast Stopped!


Pre-Poll-SurveyThe Election Commission has passed special orders not to air any pre-poll surveys over Nandyal by-election. A noted media house has conducted a pre-poll survey that said to have given clear edge for the TDP in the Nandyal by-poll. And it even telecast the survey results much to receive shocker only from the EC later.

Usually, the results of a pre-poll survey shouldn’t be telecast before 48 hours of the polling date. However, the EC has cited special ‘conditions’ prevailing in Nandyal and asked media not to air any such surveys.

Taking EC’s orders into the account, the media house has stopped the telecast of the pre-poll survey results of Nandyal. The Media house stated that it “respects” the Election Commission and the “law” and hence it said that it would not air the survey results.

This survey result has given a boost to the ruling TDP.