Nandyala To Decide Pawan Kalyan’s Future!


Pawan-Kalyan660Time and again Pawan Kalyan has reiterated that he would become active in politics, but he has been continuing doing films.

In political arena, he is seen as a visitor, who appears only when he feels the need to talk with the media and then disappears to his movie sets.

But recently, he announced he will be completely focusing on politics from October and also gave a rider.

The fine print to his statement is that he will also do films if his producers agree to his erratic schedules.

Inside sources have Pawan Kalyan is eagerly awaiting the result of Nandyal by-poll that is to be held on August 23.

The by-election of Nandyal will decide Pawan Kalyan’s future course — to continue with movies or jump into politics immediately.

If ruling TDP candidate wins, he will relax a bit and turn active next year. If YSRCP candidate snatches the assembly seat, then Pawan Kalyan will wrap up his PK25 movie fast and commence his political tour without any further delay.

Sources inform us that he has even stopped the shoot of Trivikram’s film for this week to get first-hand info about the by-poll trends.