New IT sector for Telanagana


New IT sector for TelanaganaNow, as the oficial confirmation has been announced on Telanagana, yet another important topic has surfaced. What will happen to the IT sector in the newly formed Telanagana.

After Hyderabad, it was Vizaq and Vijayawada which was seeing rapid IT growth. But for Telanagana, nothing has been in place as everything was concentrated in Hyderabad. According to latest reports, some new areas in Telangana are in news where these IT hubs will be arranged.

Leaders of Telangana are in full plans to bring the IT sectors in the interior areas of Telangana region and concentrate less on Hyderabad, as it is the joint capital for the next ten years. So for all those who think that Telangana would have less IT jobs, they need not fear as they are going to get some huge IT hubs in their region soon.