Next CM of AP ?


next-cmHyderabad: With Congress party more or less sure about going ahead with Telangana, there are reports that CM Kiran Kumar Reddy has already submitted his resignation or is all set to step down today if Sonia Gandhi goes ahead for state bifurcation.

There were chances that Kiran will be the last CM of AP but with Kiran making it clear that he will not support AP bifurcation, the question doing the rounds is that Sonia may appoint a full loyalist to oversee the process. With this, many probable names have begun to emerge in the list.

Delhi sources say Botsa, Jaipal Reddy, Jana Reddy, Marri Shashidhar Reddy, VH, Harsh Kumar etc., are some of the names doing the rounds as the next CM of AP who will monitor the process of AP bifurcation and implement it. Even now, it is heard that heavy lobbying is happening because they want to be part of history.