No Wife & Kids! Modi Is ZERO in Love!


TDP and YCP has been trying for holding an upper hand over each other in the movement seeking Special Status. As YCP MPs already begun Indefinite Fast, Chandrababu Naidu directed his party MPs to remain in Delhi for two more days. TDP Parliamentarians were detained citing it’s a prohibited area after they tried to stage protest in front of PM’s residence. They were shifted to Tughlaq Police Station.

Telugu Desam MPs breathed fire on PM Narendra Modi after they were detained by the Police. JC Diwakar Reddy: ‘PM Modi is acting like a dictator. He is trying to make every state as godhra. Modi would have understood the plight of people had if he have a wife and children. He is something who doesn’t know what is love and family. PM might have known family values at least with adoption. He is insensitive and cares nobody’.

Rammohan Naidu: ‘Our appeals in Parliament seeking justice to AP has fallen in deaf ears. PM hasn’t even spoke a single word about AP Special Status and promises of AP Reorganisation Act 2014’.

Galla Jaydev: ‘Centre isn’t giving us minimum preference. As PM avoided us in Parliament, We decided to protest infront of his house but cops took us into custody despite peaceful demonstration. This isn’t the India we wanted�€�it’s more like China and Russia’.

Butta Renuka: ‘We decided to meet PM and brings our demands to his notice in a democratic manner but we were dragged by the police. Will they threaten us or kill us�€�we are ready for everything’.