Not U-Turn, Just Misunderstanding!: Jana Sena


On Monday, There was strong buzz that Pawan Kalyan took a u-turn on Special Category Status based on the interview given to News18 Channel. This gave an impression if Jana Sena is acting as per the script offered by Narendra Modi-led BJP.

Jana Sena Digital Wing Shatagni condemned the bad propaganda against Pawan Kalyan. While sharing the video clip of Pawan’s Interview, Party Sources clarified, ‘Jana Sena is committed to Special Category Status. News18 Reporter has misunderstood the views expressed by Pawan Kalyan and twisted his statement’.

In the video, Pawan Kalyan said Special Status isn’t sentiment, it’s a necessity and it is for unemployment.

Lack of organizational structure for Jana Sena Party is proving costly. After Pawan Kalyan’s revolt, CM, Ministers, MLAs, MLCs and even TDP Leaders in villages began accusing him of acting as per BJP’s direction. Whereas, Jana Sena wasn’t able to counter it effectively so far and that’s gonna hurt it.