Now, Pawan Team Targets Sivaji


At the very beginning itself, Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena is struggling with major goof-ups, bloopers. After Pawan’s baseless remarks on Nara Lokesh and TDP, Pawan went back on his words clearly. Although Janasena spokespersons later tried to ‘cover up’ saying that they have evidences and will expose them when there is right time, here comes another instance that clearly exposes their double standards.

Janasena has demanded actor Sivaji to release all the documents and reveal his sources on ‘Operation Garuda’ and ‘Operation Dravida’. Janasena even demanded Sivaji to reveal the names of political parties if he has guts as Sivaji has not named anyone.

Instead of criticizing Centre that is doing gross injustice to the State, Janasena hitting out at AP leaders such as Chandrababu, Sivaji who are working hard for AP’s rights has come as a huge shock to everyone.

By targeting apolitical and socially active Sivaji has once again not gone down well with scores of AP people who are upset with the enigmatic approach of Pawan Kalyan, Janasena.