Panabaka Laxmi demands UT status for Hyderabad


panabaka-laxmiNew Delhi: There are certain Union Ministers who never hesitates to face bitter situations from public for not resigning to their Cabinet posts. It is obvious that they felt loyalty towards the party and madam Sonia Gandhi is always prior than the public demand. Thus they are considered to be close pals to Sonia Gandhi from this state. One among them is none other than Panabaka Lakshmi.

Even when United AP agitations demanded for her resignation she never accepted. And all the time she use to say bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh is irrevocable. Thus she established her loyalty towards madam Sonia.

Now Panabaka Lakshmi is coming out with a fresh demands in this regard. She is demanding for Union Territory status for Hyderabad. ‘I believe that Hyderabad will remain as UT and people from both the regions will have equal rights on this place’ she is adding to her demand.

It may appear strange to look at Panabaka Lakshmi comments. We can never expect a comment contrary to the wish of Sonia Gandhi from any strong loyal devotee of her, analysts are saying. But as Lakshmi is talking about UT status for Hyderabad, people are coming to an opinion this may the idea of high command to spread the word in society. And people are also with such opinion that her demand may come true too.