Pawan on abour his political career


pawan-on-his-political-careHYDERABAD: In politics there are more calculations than economics. But in the papers in Economics, the calculations in politics are in the thinking. In Telangana, either in Andhra or in Andhra experience, the administration is not impressed with all of the equations of wrestling all wrestlers. The impact of castes in these states is higher in AP. That is why the leader goes on to the caste rather than the political leadership. That is why a new leader like Pawan Kalyan was found there.

Timing in politics is very impractical. NTR has reached Pawan Kalyan and Megastar Chiranjeevi is not worth it. Pawan Kalyan Prabha, who has been in the forefront of a number of situations with the division of the state, was recognized by both the Prime Ministerial candidate and the Chief Ministerial candidate. Pawan does not even know that he has so much power. But with the division of the Pawan Caste power in AP, Modi has the most powerful spy system to use it and use Pawan to capture it. Its absorbed Chandrababu is rapidly alert and earned Pawan’s support directly. Pawan, who enjoyed an unprecedented level of importance, said to them. Modi did not forbid what he was going to do. But … the Prabhu Prabhakam can be sure that Modi has realized exactly that Chandrababu could not predict. That’s why Pawan is strongly convinced. More and more.

But the recent developments Pawan Kalyan’s situation in the Pawan’s recent tour is the way the people looking at him are watching. What is his clarity? Is it possible to use TDT with the most confusing comments? There are new suspicions in Telugu Territories. Every word coming from the mouth of Pawan has been doing some damage to him. Every step he pushes is touting the Telugu Desam influence. When a party leader visits the country, meeting the leaders of the ruling party – eating in their homes – praising the ruling parties is the first time in history. On the one hand he says he will not compete with them. On the other hand, if he is in power to come to know the problems of people and meet the problems that have been solved the problems … the public is very clear about him. The rulers have the opportunity to correct their criticisms of their mistakes. That does not work. He criticizes every party that works. Pony has not declared political support for the ruling parties … and in any sense should be believed Pawan. The biggest question now is to believe what will do justice. Pawan is losing people in confusion with his political intellectual absence without giving him a complete party form, not the voters, but the loss of his hopes in the caste.

Every time he speaks in the YouTube – Google … social media every moment before the eyes of the people 2014 Plan to believe once again is not innocent. If he puts the ruling parties back to power, Pawan went to the danger of losing the hopes of the people on the original mass.