Did Pawan get to hit Master plan by KCR


pawan-get-to-hit-masterHyderabad: KCR who has become the hot topic in the two Telugu states is interesting about Pawan Kalyan’s interview. The two heads are attracting the attention of the two. Pawan is waiting for one hour. In some of the media and some TV channels. KCR is interesting discussion on Pawan Waiting. They do not have special articles on it.

Why did KCR Inter Pawan get to wait? Now it has become a question. According to credible information, some people hear that the Pawan soup in the KCR game plan has turned into a worm. Pawan Kalyan sent invitations to the World Telugu Conference, but then did not attend Pawan’s day. Why suddenly wanted to meet KCR? Is there any reason behind this? That is the word.

According to the schedule, the meeting with Pawan says there is no KCR schedule. In a new year enthusiastically launched with a huge announcement on farmers 24 hours free power. However, Telangana political JAC chairman Kodaram Ram has sent a note of criticism on the scheme. It is a high opinion but the feeling that the problem is that they have started in KCR camp. Pawan’s entry was made to change the sight.

Pavan is said to have been very intelligent in the thug for their need. The idea that Vice says to the Chief is going to come to him in the common friends. With the help of Pawan, he said that he is waiting for him to come to Pragati Bhavan. The matter is completely diversified with the arrival of Pawan and the allegation that the press note issued by the SPA is not highlighted in any media. KCR camp pawan is used as a mulakakai samurai for the whole purpose. Pawan is said to be more damaged than the KCR in this episode. Pawan’s image has been waiting for hourly waiting for KCR.