Pawan Kalyan is ‘Drunken Monkey’: Shankar rao


Pawan-Kalyan-is-Drunken-MonHyderabad: Former Minister Dr P Shankar Rao today lambasted actor and Jana Sena Party President Pawan Kalyan for his remarks against the Congress party. Talking to media persons here he dubbed the Actor a ‘Drunken Monkey’.

He took serious exception to Pawan for his mindless comments of “Congress Hatao Desh Bachao”. Shankar Rao flayed Pawan Kalyan for launching his political outfit from a posh place of hitex, which lacks public support. The former minister criticized that the Actor was bungling while his speech was like cinema shooting and delivering dialogues, he said. Pawan is resorting to mudslinging activity on the Congress party with which his eldest brother associating, he said. Shankar Rao also stated that Pawan got name and fame only due to his eldest brother Chiranjeevi now Union Minister. Rao alleged that the actor is trying to dump his own brother.

He appealed to the actor not to make harsh remarks against the Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi, Deputy Chief Rahul Gandhi and other leaders. Lest the people will teach him a lesson to him, Rao warned. Let the actor maintain some decency and decorum in the run up to the elections, he added.