Pawan Kalyan Effect! Kodandaram Steps Back


Pawan-Kalyan-and-KodandaramTelangana JAC leader M Kodandaram has put his plan to float a new political party in cold storage for a while. Under the pressure from Congress, TDP and left party leaders, the JAC leader gave up the idea of formation of his own political organization.

Kodandaram has come out with a plan of action to foray into active politics by transforming JAC as a political party in February. He is planning to emerge as an alternative to Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao in the state politics.

The other parties which are maintaining friendly relation with Kodandaram and JAC conducted a survey on the impact of new party on KCR leadership. The survey made it clear that TRS will gain political benefit if Kodandaram’s Party contested in 2019 elections.

The leaders said splitting and sharing of the votes by more number of parties will help TRS to win more number of seats. Congress, TDP and left parties are already planning to field candidates in all Assembly segments. Jana Sena leader Pawan Kalyan also indicated his party will test the waters.

If Kodandaram also contest the election, TRS will get more advantage in the multi polar contest. The JAC leader will take a decision on floating the party only after the political developments take place infavaour of them.