Pawan Kalyan extends support to Handloom workers


pawan-support-to-handloom-wANANTAPUR: Jena Sena Party Chief Pawan Kalyan reached Dharmavaram on Monday as a part of his three-day tour to Anantapur district.

He interacted with Handloom workers who informed him regarding being provided Rs 50,000 as government fund to each worker under Mudra Scheme which is not sufficient.

Claiming that they are not given 10% subsidy on Mudra scheme as announced by the government, the workers requested Pawan Kalyan to help them in the enhancement of the funds to Rs 1,00,000 per head along with own houses.

The workers added that they are losing jobs due to power looms and are being pushed to migrate.

Addressing the gathering, the Jana Sena leader said he doesn’t like to call them workers as weaving is an art adding that all the workers are amazing artists and if it is continued to be neglected, art will disappear slowly.

Stating his fondness for Handlooms, he extended his and the party’s support to the Handloom workers.

He pointed out that losing vocational occupation is equal to losing existence and self-respect which he never supports. Pawan Kalyan asserted that he will bring the government’s notice to these issues and bring justice for them.