Pawan Kalyan is My Friend for Life: Gaddar


Gaddar-Pawan-KalyanRevolutionary Telugu Balladeer Gaddar spoke about Pawan Kalyan and Jana Sena Party during an event which happened in Hyderabad on Sunday.

Gaddar: ‘Pawan Kalyan is my friend for life. The name of Jana Sena has been heard everywhere’.

When quizzed if he would lead Jana Sena Party’s Telangana unit, Gaddar replied: ‘I will think about whether or not to work with Pawan Kalyan only after floating my own party’.

Gaddar pledged to unite all the forces against TRS Government. ‘Should we hold weapons in our hands all the time? Political Power is ultimate & vote is the weapon of common man. But, Power can’t be attained overnight. I believe I am eligible for it after sacrificing my 70 years of life,’ he said.