Pawan Kalyan: I’m Ready To Go To Jail


Pawan-First-with-ModiIn an emotional speech, Pawan Kalyan has stated that he is ready to face all the consequences for the benefit of people. Stating that he is neither a relative nor fan of TDP or BJP, Pawan made it clear that he is connected only to people but none.

Saying that he is ready to take the beatings and even go to jail, Pawan emotionally says, “Debbalu Tinadanikayina Siddham. Jail Ki Velladanikayina Siddham. Prajala Kosam Denikaina Siddham.”

Pawan clarifies that he is not scared or afraid of anyone or any party. He added that he has courage to take on. “Throughout my life, I faced all my problems alone. I don’t seek anyone’s blessings or anyone’s favours. I have been sincere. Probably, I could not be more sincere, more honest ever than now. I have not asked any favours from the political parties I supported.”

Sharing an interesting anecdote on Sardaar Gabbar Singh, he said, “Even when I faced problem for a certificate (censor certificate) during the release of my film Sardaar Gabbar Singh, I chose to face it on my own. I have not called anyone at Centre to get the work done. I remained on my won.”

Pawan Kalyan stated that more leaders, more political parties are needed to resolve the problems, woes of people.