Pawan Kalyan is equal to Sr. NTR: Sivaji


SivajiAP Special status Achievement society President , Cinema star Sivaji has spoken to media and said Sr.NTR and Pawan Kalyan were the same in the state. He said if Pawan Kalyan joins them at any cost Central government is going to take the serious step towards the favour of AP State.

Sivaji stated “Sr.NTR is never considered with one religion or region or caste in the United AP same way Pawan kalyan is as same as NTR does decades back, So we request Pawan kalyan to participate in the drown of this Special status movement which could make the pressure on Central to come down”.

Leaving it no where Sivaji also made serious comments on Chandrababu Naidu and his 1 and half year rule. He said the Corruption is seriously raised during the tenure of Chandrababu naidu. Sivaji also putup the name of YCP in his comment and said how much serious are they doing dharnas in support to Special status for AP.