Pawan Kalyan made a big mistake by attacking KCR?


kcr-modi-and-Pawan-kalyanPawan kalyan comments on KCR, Pawan kalyan comments on KCR in Nizambad Meeting

Hyderabad: No doubt, Pawan Kalyan’s film were most affected in Telangana region from Komaram Puli to Cameraman Gangatho… since Telanganites followed the diktats of TRS and halted the run of his films with agitations. Still, Pawan proved that he is the uncrowned badshah by drawing 20 crores for Gabbar Singh and 25 crores for Atharintiki… and established unbeatable following.

But now, by directly getting into politics and ridiculing Mr. KCR and family, has superstar has taken a big risk in Nizam region. Whether, we agree or not, KCR is one of the key personalities in realizing the dream of Telangana state and garnered good support from youngsters and poor people. So was Pawan’s timing right, in ridiculing KCR for his ‘foul mouth’ in the latest meeting.

For top politicians Naidu and Modi, its just a political battle and they couldn’t care if they don’t even win seats in Telangana, but for Pawan a lot in stake in Telangana since 50% of the revenues for his big films come from these 10 districts. His fan following could consist of KCR and Congress supporters and will he be losing them.

Despite, showering his love for Telangana region, was it a mistake for a film star to share dias with willy politicians who can change colours and any time and even Modi-KCR could make post poll alliance, then the bigger loser would be Pawan and no one else? Truly and unnecessarily a big risk?

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