Pawan Kalyan my political opponent, says Chiranjeevi


chiranjeevi-and-Pawan-kalyaHyderabad: Telugu actor-turned-politician, Chiranjeevi has finally opened up on his equation with his actor-brother, Pawan Kalyan. In an interview to an English daily, the Union minister said he was too watched the launch of Jana Sena party on TV like everyone else.

He said, Pawan kept him in dark about his political ambitions eventhough Chiru send word through Nagababu to discuss abou his plans.

Chiranjeevi said Pawan is the top star in Telugu film industry at the peak of his career right now and must pursue the same to earn good money as Pawan doesn’t even have a house of his own. However, Chiru added that he’s not the one to interefere with independent decisions taken by his brothers. In a diplomatic statement, Chiru said it would be better for Pawan to contest the 2019 polls.

When asked to comment on facing Pawan, Chiru called Pawan a political opponent as the latter had said: ‘Congress ko hatao, desh ko bachao’ during his speech.