Pawan Kalyan supports Uttar Andhra Movement


Pawan Kalyan extended his support to the Uttar Andhra Movement launched by former MP Konathala Ramakrishna over the backwardness of the region. He, however, couldn’t attend the meeting scheduled to take place at the Platinum Jubilee Guest House in Andhra University on May 21st due to prior commitments.

In the press release issued by him, Pawan Kalyan said: ‘Felt sad not being able to attend this Meeting. I really wanted to be a part of it when Konathala requested Me but busy schedule didn’t permit Me to do so’.

‘Jana Sena has been fighting for Special Category Status. We could develop Uttar Andhra and Rayalseema if Special Status is accorded. That’s why, I assure you that Jana Sena willn’t compromise on this matter at any cost’.

‘I am completely aware of poverty, unemployment, migrations and health issues in Uttar Andhra. This situation is like this because of the lack of farsightedness of our rulers. Jana Sena is committed for the all-round development of this region. That’s why we stood by Uddanam Kidney Victims in our first attempt. We are ready to work with those who fight against backwardness. I appreciated Konathala Ramakrishna for holding such a meeting’.Pawan-Kalyan-supports-Uttar-Andhra-Movement