Pawan Kalyan – That’s Very Dangerous!: AP Minister


Kala Venkat Rao accused Pawan Kalyan of provoking people of Uttar Andhra and feeding religious intolerance. While speaking to media persons, The Minister opined: ‘Pawan Kalyan is yet to attain political maturity. He is sowing poisonous seeds in the minds of people that’s very dangerous. Future generations will suffer because of such leaders. Political Parties doesn’t mean provoking people of a region and religion. Pawan complains about Uttar Andhra backwardness. What’s the agenda of Jana Sena to change it? Jana Sena means Single-Man-Army One Man Show!’.

The Minister demanded Pawan Kalyan to ensure BJP passed Kapu Reservations bill if he is committed for the welfare of his community. He found it unfair on part of PK to criticize CM Chandrababu Naidu, Nara Lokesh and other TDP Leaders.

If Pawan Kalyan questions the backwardness of Uttar Pradesh, TDP Leaders project it as if he is provoking people. Then, Why did Chandrababu & Co., made a hue & cry during Congress rule. Never did Pawan Kalyan say he is a representative of only Kapus. It’s the responsibility of TDP to implement the promise made to Kapus.