Pawan Kalyan to Launch Political Party?


pawan-kalyan-political-partyHyderabad: Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma is known for creating sensations. Even through his tweets he creates sensations.

Now he created a fresh sensation by tweeting that Pawan Kalyan might launch his own political party. Mentioning about actors from MGR to Chiranjeevi who became political leaders, RGV said Pawan Kalyan would be the most dynamic of all.

RGV also said he never voted in his life and assured that he would cast his vote to Pawan, if he launches his political party. “Pawan will not need my vote. According to information gathered from different parts of Andhra Pradesh, several people are eagerly waiting to vote to Power Star. There is honesty in his thought, commitment in his eyes.

Such Charisma and intensity I have not even found in Bal Thakre” RGV commented. He also expressed the view that if Pawan Kalyan had led the PRP the party would have won a landslide victory.

Explaining, he said these were not remarks he made to do a film with Pawan Kalyan. He said it was 5 years since he met Pawan. He also stated that he has responded as a citizen of Andhra Pradesh and not a film director.

He also explained that these remarks were in favour of Pawan Kalyan and not against Chiranjeevi.

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