Pawan Kalyan Will Come To Power in 2019


Pawan-Kalyan-Press-MeetPawan Kalyan himself might have dismissed of him having any ambitions to come to power and might have openly stated that coming to power isn’t his political goal, yet that didn’t deter his elder brother Nagababu to predict of Pawan coming to power in 2019.

“As an voter I believe Pawan Kalyan Will come to power in 2019. Honest people like Pawan Kalyan need to come to power. He has never taken money from anyone and in fact he had lost his money for others. Yes to run political party, one needs money. That’s why Pawan Kalyan is acting in films for money,” Nagababu said in a TV interview.

Meanwhile, taking many by surprise, Nagababu lashed out at CM Chandrababu Naidu and his government in AP. “Beyond saying that they’re building capital in Amaravati, had they done anything or are they doing anything? If so, please tell us. Allegations of corruption are rife. Development isn’t seen much. Power is being misused,” Nagababu expressed his angst against TDP government saying that he has 100 percent dissatisfaction on the incumbent government in AP.

Nagababu’s latest and severe remarks on TDP government are seen as serious comments. One has to wait and see how TDP leaders would take it and respond to them. On other hand, Pawan Kalyan continues to maintain his silence over AP government. Although Pawan had openly hit out at BJP a few times, Pawan didn’t criticise TDP much and he only cautioned the state government to fulfill the promises.