Is Pawan Kalyan worth just Rs 17.77 Crores ?


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Hyderabad: Unconfirmed reports of the actor’s assets claim that Pawan Kalyan is worth just Rs 17.77 crores

Debates about Pawan Kalyan’s net worth have been raging on all the ‘Mega fan’ forums for the last couple of days. It all began when a break up of the affidavit allegedly submitted by the Power Star with the Election Commission ahead of launching his party, leaked online. The details of the statement have raised quite a few eyebrows.

For starters, the actor’s total assets are valued at a mere Rs 17.77 crore! That’s not all. According to the statement doing the rounds, the actor owns gold worth Rs 80,000 and has just Rs 89,000 cash in hand. Assets owned by his wife are pegged at Rs 74,548. The reactions to this affidavit, which many online forums claim to be real, have been varied.

The actor’s supporters have been going gaga over how little he has kept for himself with posts like “Thx for revealing Pawan has no own house even n lost his properties too,” (sic) and “This qualification is enough which guarantees our public money will not go into politicians pockets…” The detractors meanwhile, find this a little too hard to digest. “PK ki own house kuda leda?? :O :P,” said a detractor, hinting that it’s hard to believe the biggest star of Tollywood has no house of his own. Others have taken the pains to point out that the actor’s farmhouse isn’t listed in the affidavit.

The filmi junta too seem to be talking in hushed whispers at the contents of the affidavit. “Considering Pawan is the highest paid actor in T-town who charges around `13-15 crore a film. Recently, reports of PK being offered `17 crore by a production house also made headlines. So it’s funny that his net worth is just 17 crore,” said an industry insider on condition of anonimity.

The official website of the Election Commission though, doesn’t have a copy of this affidavit on display, causing speculations to spiral out of control. Perhaps, it’s time Pawan spoke up and cleared the air.

Here’s how the cookie crumbles :

Cash in Hand – Rs 89,000
Bank Deposits – Rs 3,13,29,229
Other Deposits – Rs 4,13,54,423
LIC & Postal Deposits – Rs 40,31,000
Bonds & Debentures – Rs 4,55,207
Mutual Funds – Rs 1,43,29,105
In Finance companies – Rs 2,90,000
Two Bikes – Rs 20,31,409
Two Benz cars – Rs 1,86,79,149
Skoda company car – Rs 27,67,208
Gold – Rs 80,000
Hand Loans to others – Rs 5,81,99,129
Machinery worth – Rs 23,58,863
Anna Lezhneva’s assets – Rs 74,548
Properties on three kids – Rs 17,10,106
TOTAL – Rs 17,77,78,376 (Rs 17.77 CRORE)