Who is Pawan Kalyan’s Biggest Enemy in Politics?


Pawan-Kalyan-CMSome say it is the Central Government, Some say it is Jagan Mohan Reddy and Some say it is Chandrababu Naidu. But it looks like Pawan Kalyan himself is his enemy in the politics and it is evident several times after 2014 elections.

Pawan Kalyan for some reason has this enormous inconsistency. Once he starts speaking, he speaks about various topics and in many occasions, he contradicts himself. It was evident the other day, at one time, he says he left his family behind and defied his brother and on the other occasion, he says he will take revenge on those who cheated his brother.

Until now, Pawan Kalyan always sounded that Chiranjeevi did wrong with Praja Rajyam. He said like he opposes Chiranjeevi for that but does not criticize him in public because he is what he is today because of his brother. But he changed his version totally and says Chiranjeevi is cheated and he is up for revenge.

The inconsistency does not stop there. We have seen him speaking about various action plans to go to the people but barely keeps his word. The huge Special Status Meeting in Vishakapatnam in March never happened, as we all know. A couple of days more, Pawan Kalyan will go back to his film commitments forgetting this world. Pawan Kalyan has to defeat himself to win in politics.