Pawan Kalyan’s connection with Lok Satta


Pawan-sattaSuperstar Pavan Kalyan is ready to launch his political career , he is going to announce his political plans on 14 March. While he wanted to float an outfit of his own, his associates advised him that it would be better to join an existing party like the AAP or Lok Satta. Launching a new party just right before elections is not that easy task as his brother Chiranjeevi experience tells. On top of that like never seen in andhra history before the political landscape is already crowded especially in Seemandhra region.

The best choice for a part time politician like Pawan Kalyan ( he announced that he will continue acting ) is to offer support to an existing party , in this scenario Lok Satta seems to be the front runner. Sirivennala Sitarama Sastry – a close relative of Pawan Kalyan’s thick friend Trivikram Srinivas has already extended his support to the Loksatta party.  As per rumors Trivikram and Pawan are working hand in glove in the preparations .Sources close to Pawan say that if he decides not to float a political party, he might join Loksatta. A few days back Lok Satta leader JP publicly welcomed Pawan into his party.  Either way It will be an interesting contest incoming weeks.