Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena party Emblem and Flag


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Hyderabad: Pawan kalyan’s new Political party Jana Sena party’s Emblem and Flag are posted on the Social networking site (

Telugu actor Pawan Kalyan may not have officially announced his entry into politics or the party name. However, the speculation surrounding his plunge into politics has kept his fans on the toes.

Pawan’s fans have gove overboard hailing their hero’s entry into politics. They have already created several social media accounts in the name of Pawan’s new party Jana Sena.

Pawan’s fan pages too have been posting and promoting every little information on the news. A latest post doing the rounds is Pawan’s new party symbol and the explanation for choosing such a symbol.pawan-party-emblem

The party emblem is a combination of the forces that define our Nation’s life and struggle.

White Background
White Background signifies the peace and stability of Indian civilisation and sulture for thousands of years.

Red colour

The Emblem itself is of Red colour.Red colour signifies revolution. A deep and true change from within. Yet the story of that change is told on the stable Background colour of our ancient Nation.

Six pointed Star

Star in the Emblem is a six pointed star which signifies the 6 ideals of our party. The 6 ideals are mised with our Blood as we are the sons and daughters of those ideals handed over to us from several generations. The white in the star signifies self-luminousity which shines on it’s own because ideals are light unto our path.

Dot in the centre

Dot in the centre represents the soul of every being. The soul is our true reality, our ultimate truth.The soul at the centre is also at the heart of everything we do as individuals and as a Nation.

Black lining
Black lining on the Emblem symbolises the balance between revolutionary Zeal and it’s opposing forces to avoid one-sidedness and discordance. It represents the harmony of the rivalries.