Pawan Kalyan’s Janasena Party is..


pawan-janasenaAny political party will take it’s birth to serve the public. If the party is in opposition, it should fight for the problems of the public till a solution is sought out. If it is in power, it should carry out various development and welfare programmes to serve the public. But Janasena party is neither in the opposition nor in the power.

The political party should be formed with active members, activists, leaders ,panel etc. But Janasena party seems to be a single man party. Though the announcement is made one and half year ago, there are no updates on the formation of the party till today.

During the Janasena party’s announcement, party president Pawan kalyan stated that “when the government fails to deliver the party will be there to question”.
In the National and the State level, the public face many problems due to the decisions made the Governments. But , except one or two instances neither the Jansena party nor the party president addressed the grievances of the Public. In the 2014 Elections, pawan Kalyan campaigned for Modi and Chandrababu Naidu.

Janasena party has not contested the 2014 Elections but extended their support to the Telugudesam party. There were no candidates in the fray then. Even after the 2014 elections, janasena party has not contested in any by-elections, muncipal elections or any type of Elections.

In brief Janasena party is

A party with no active members, activists, leaders ,panel etc.

A party with no candidates.

A party which does not contest Elections.

A party which does not fight for the problems of the Public. Doesn’t question the Government’s decisions which trouble the public.

A party which does not conduct press meets and address the problems in the media and express their stand on various issues.