Pawan to take revenge on Big Hands after Political entry?


pawan-kalyanOne can’t let it go, Pawan Kalyan’s emotional-turned-controversial speech during the Thanksgiving function of his blockbuster Atharintiki Daredi where he threatened to “tear the skins” of culprits responsible for the piracy of the film. He openly alleged that few “Big Hands” are behind the episode to “bring him down”. He made it clear, “it’s not piracy, it’s conspiracy.”

In fact, Pawan openly issued warning, “Among all of you (audience), I’m warning those who were behind this piracy that I will neither forget nor spare them. I’ll remember all of your (consiprators) names in years to come. Irrespective of your (conspirators’) status, I’ll make sure justice is done to you. If you think that we’ll forget about the issue as the movie turned out to be a hit, you’re mistaken. I’ll not forget it and won’t let it go. And this doesn’t end today. We will fight back and tear your (culprits) skin.”

Now that Pawan Kalyan floating political party is confirmed, the big question is Will Pawan take revenge on those “Big Hands”? Is Atharintiki Daaredi’s piracy fiasco compelled Pawan to comeback to politics? Will Pawan reveal their names, at least now, in his upcoming press conference? There are many unanswered questions. Let’s see how Pawan reacts to these.