Pawan takes a dig at Mudragada and R Krishnaiah


Pawan-Kalyan-Full-SpeechPawan Kalyan didn’t mince words while reacting on Kapu Reservation issue. He didn’t even hesitate to make hard-hitting remarks on Mudragada Padmanabham and R Krishnaiah.

On Kapu Reservation demand, Pawan Kalyan opined: ‘This issue is pending since several decades. Hope, State Government resolves it in an amicable manner’.

At the same time, PK found fault with BC Welfare Association President R Krishnaiah for objecting Kapu Reservation. ‘Why didn’t R Krishnaiah raise objection when Kapu Reservation was included in TDP’s 2014 Manifesto?,’ he asked.

Taking potshots at Mudragada Padmanabham, Pawan Kalyan questioned why the Kapu Leader remained silent on the same issue when Congress party was in power till 2014. He went on to say everybody is trying to politicize the issue instead of finding a solution by holding talks through commission.