Pawan’s Timing Suspicious!


pawan-kalyan-suggestionsPawan Kalyan’s visit to Ichchapuram and lending his full support to the victims of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients is definitely a welcome move cutting across politics and political parties. In fact, Pawan’s demands and solutions to problem should be looked into by the health ministry.

But the moot question is that the timing of Pawan’s visit and his deadline to the TDP government is something inviting suspicion from several quarters.

Especially when at a time his elder brother Chiru is finding it difficult to find a venue to host pre-release event of Khaidi, Pawan taking on the TDP government in AP is what detractors of Pawan are pointing at.

What’s raising suspicion is that both Pawan’s timing of taking up issue, finalising his visit and Chiru’s meeting being cancelled in Vijayawada due to permissions denied all happened in the same time frame.

In fact, Pawan Kalyan had said in his speech he was supposed to visit last month but postponed due to Jaya’s demise. This is now adding more fuel to the speculations that this could had been a time to attack TDP in the name of CKD patients.

One has to wait and see how committed Pawan is on this issue and whether such speculations are true or not.