people of AP should feel ashamed of themselves


people-of-ap-should-feel-asChief Minister Chandrababu Naidu opined people of Andhra Pradesh should feel ashamed of themselves if they don’t vote for TDP in 2019 General Elections. ‘People should automatically help TDP win all the seats. If they fail to do so in one or two seats, they alone need to introspect and feel ashamed for it. Why wouldn’t they vote for Me after fulfilling every need of them? What else do they want? Don’t you pay salary for my hardwork? Last night, Officials have urged Me to let them go as it’s New Year eve. I told them I can’t do so because the work has to be completed. This is my hardwork,’ he told during the recent press conference.

Chandrababu Naidu claimed credit for bringing Krishna Waters to Hyderabad which don’t even have power and water. ‘If you see the past, Hyderabad neither have electricity nor water. When I approached World Bank, They told Me that supplying 1 litre water to Hyderabad will cost Rs 20. Successive Governments hadn’t even thought of it. During My Regime, I spent Rs 1,000 crore and brought Krishna Waters to Hyderabad within 8 months. That’s how I have transformed Hyderabad,’ says CM.

Once again, Babu pledged that he won’t give up Polavaram Project. He informed 73 percent of the works have been completed so far.