PK Shouldn’t Have Joined Politics: Kota


Veteran Actor Kota Srininasa Rao expressed his views on the political entry of Pawan Kalyan frankly. ‘What is the need for Film Celebs? I myself had come back. Am I mad to do that? Politics aren’t suitable for Film Celebs. Rajinikanth neither confirms his entry into politics nor denies having interest in CM post. When elders aren’t willing to take the risk, what is the need for Youngsters? Pawan Kalyan is an youngster, he should have realized how politics are like at least after looking what happened to his Brother. I have no answer if anybody questions what’s wrong if a Film Celeb enters politics. Anybody can join politics�€�It’s a personal choice,’ he opined.

Kota disclosed he quit electoral politics after completion of his first term as an MLA due to the abnormal expenditure. ‘When Leaders are openly saying Rs 7-8 crore should be spent for winning as an MLA, I lacked the guts to invest my hard-earned money,’ says the BJP Supporter.

When quizzed about 2019 Polls, Kota made it clear BJP makes its presence felt when it’s in power or not. He, however, feels there is no leader for the saffron party who can bring it to power in Telugu States.