PK’s sensible appeal to his Fans & Supporters


In the recent past, Few Politicians and a Film Critic made headlines for their loose talk in matters related to Pawan Kalyan & Jana Sena Party. Fans & Party Activists who were hurt & annoyed with their statements had reacted violently on few occasions. Today, Pawan Kalyan made an appeal to his Fans & Supporters regarding the same issue.

In the statement issued on his Twitter Page, Jana Sena Chief urged his Followers to maintain restraint when someone makes disrespectful remarks against him or the party. He advised them to be patient & focus only on social service until Party offers a befitting reply whenever Opponents cross the line.

Pawan Kalyan cautioned Fans that their aggression could sometimes damage the reputation of the party. He asked Fans to be careful about Individuals who try to provoke them and behave in a dignified manner.

The Actor-turned-Politician made it clear the sole agenda of Jana Sena is to resolve the issues of the people. He hinted Jana Sena would be acting differently when compared to the existing political parties.PK-sensible-appeal