Political Equations Will Change: PK warns CBN


Pawan Kalyan disclosed the Joint Fact Finding Committee (JFC) report prepared by the 3-Member Sub-Committee on Saturday evening. He complained people including himself faced problems because of the blunders committed by the Rulers. ‘Bifurcation marked my political debut. People of AP had no role in the division. Supported BJP and TDP in 2014 for the sake of Telugu People. Because of that, I have to take the moral responsibility to answer the questions raised. PM and the current Union Ministers promised to offer 15 years special status and implement all the provision of the AP Reorganisation Act 2014. I believed they would fulfill their promises but that didn’t happen. To create awareness among people, I had constituted JFC comprising of intellectuals,’ he said.

The Actor told there is great bonding between the people of AP and Telangana. He adds, ‘Neither Centre nor AP Govt has done anything for it. The people themselves created such a healthy atmosphere’.

Jana Sena Chief stated then UPA Government bifurcated United AP assuring to compensate Seemandhra region with Special Category Status. He adds, ‘A lot of institutions has been based in Hyd. We can shift people but not such essential assets. After analyzing a lot of such problems, About 11 Aspects came to our notice. First and foremost, Special Category Status to AP. Till 1 year after 2014 Polls, I waited patiently for it. Special Package was offered after over two years. When I called it ‘Stale Laddus’, TDP Government gave an impression that they are equal to gold. After four years, The same Government is making hue and cry over it. Why did it took four years? I supported Chandrababu because of the experience he have. If such a person creates so much confusion, This will lead to unrest and change of political equations. Recently, Arun Jaitley said Centre and State Govt are yet to reach a conclusion over arrears of 2014-15. When I requested, Four IAS Officers prepared a detailed report studying various files. Why can’t Government do that even after four years? Are Centre and State Government inefficient or does they lacked sincerity to fulfill the promises? TDP Government shouldn’t have accepted Special Package. Today, They don’t have the right to seek Special Status. State Government will be held responsible if it fails to complete Polavaram. Why did TDP Govt fail to show an alternative when Environmental Board raised objection for Dugarajapatnam Port? TDP Leaders are continuing as Ministers in NDA Govt and BJP Leaders are continuing as Ministers in TDP Govt but still they aren’t able to fulfill the promises. Will they get ready to cheat people again blaming each other ahead of polls?’.