Political Parties strength in Telangana region


leadersAs the Panchayat Elections are  approaching, different Political parties are figuring out their winning chances in the polls.

Though the YSRCP was impressive in the region, Arrest of Jagan, lack of proper leadership in Telangana region has given big blows to the party.

The stand of the Party regarding the Telangana statehood, Poor response to Chandrababu Vasthunna Meekosam Padayatra in the Telangana region are drawbacks of party in the region.

The failures of the present Congress Government is effecting the party in the Telangana region. On the other hand, the delay in the declaration of the Telangana state by the Congress High command are Drawbacks to Congress party.


The recent allegations of ABN Radhakrishna on KTR regarding real estate scam, differences between TJAC and TRS are considered to effect the Panchayat polls.

The four major regional parties in the state had pros and cons related to the above key factors.

State Congress party lacks sentiment, cadres and even crowds.
TRS party dlacks cadres and crowds but has only Telangana sentiment.
The TDP has cadres but no  sentiment  and little votes.
BJP  has cadres but now crowds or sentiment
YSRCP has no cadres but only crowds and sentiment.